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About Us

We are: Photographers. Roadtrippers. Taco Lovers. Adventurers. Literal Tree Huggers. Lovers of Fresh Cut Lawn, Log Cabins, and Mountains. Animal Rescue Superheros (in training). Vegetarians. Pat is a master drummer. Debbie is a master napper and kitten snuggler. We believe in honesty and stargazing.

We are married, but we are also best friends and we love every second of what we do. We know that we are some of the lucky few to get the honor of being a part of these special moments and we do not take it lightly. At the same time though, we are as laid back as they come and just love life and love LOVE. Wedding Photography runs through our veins. We are downright giddy when we get a kickass shot and will climb trees and get happily muddy to make it happen.  Whether we are driving across the country to a remote location in the forests of Colorado, or taking a fifteen minute drive up the road, every moment means the world to us and every occasion is equally as special.  If we sound like your kind of humans, drop us a line, text us, call us, we'd love to talk.

                                                                                                                                                                                 xoxo Pat+Debbie